IBO-Radio.com Entering Phase III

Www.IBO-Radio.com is moving into our third phase, and we will be ending our regular Sunday broadcast. Coming soon will be a revamped website with storefront, a YouTube Channel with original media, and the IBO-Community Forum, a meeting and discussion hub available to all registered members. This IBO-Community Forum is only one of the features we are offering soon on our website in this new chapter in IBO-Radio.com’s mission to bring awareness of Iboga/Ibogaine and other entheogens to the world one listener at a time. More on the up and coming changes later, but we want to take the opportunity to thank all of our guests, listeners, and people who have registered with us already. Namaste.

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Iboga Foundation

“The Iboga Foundation is a Dutch non-profit initiative. Iboga Foundation increases public awareness and to promote the recognition of iboga, the mysterious and very beneficial African plant, as an empowering tool to sustainable improvement of the quality of life.”
Please go to www.IbogaFoundation.comfor more information on their mission, and how to support Sara Glatt, one of the first people actively working with this medicine, who is being harassed daily by authorities.  Donate to her legal defense fund so that she may continue her important work.  IBO-Radio.com hopes for a quick resolution to her legal troubles.

Dr. Chris Jenks

From the Scientific to the Spiritual

IBO-Radio returns this week with one interview at 4PM EST with Dr. Chris Jenks. Dr Jenks will be talking to Peter about his role as a scientist in developing Iboga extraction techniques, but also about how Iboga and Ibogaine, and other entheogenic experiences, inform and challenge him on his personal, spiritual path.

Please listen live here or download later from our Podcast, or at our internet radio server: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/iboradio1/2012/04/15/dr-chris-jenks

Watch a YouTube video here of a presentation by Chris Jenks on Ibogaine chemistry and extraction.

Dimitri Mobengo Mugianis

This Sunday at 3 pm EST, IBORadio takes an indepth look into the life of musician, harm reduction activist, and Bwiti practicioner, Dimitri Mobengo Mugianis.

Peter will be asking Dimitri about his early days as a frontman of “Leisure Class” to his views on Harm Reduction to his practice of Bwiti and the use of Iboga as the central Bwiti sacrament to his documentary, “I am Dangerous with Love.”

Be sure to listen here (right hand side of this Homepage), at our internet radio server, and register for our Podcast.

Giovanni from Italy and Rocky from Mexico

The Ibogaine Detox

At 3 PM EST today two Ibogaine providers join Peter to discuss in detail the process of the Iboga/Ibogaine Detox.

In the first hour we will be in Italy to talk to Giovanni about the detox experience and how it is provided in Italy.

And then IBO-Radio will be inviting on the air a man who has already been interviewed on our show, as has his mother, daughter, and the mother of his daughter, that have all been deeply affected, changed, by this medicine and the powerful ally it seems to be for addicts wanting to get clean. Rocky talked more of his personal story in the last interview, now we will see him as Ibogaine provider passionate about building a family environment at the Dreamhouse to detox safely and comfortably.

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