Boaz Wachtel: Powerpoint Presentation Conclusion he Read Live this Past Sunday

Even by itself, a millennium of sacramental indigenous use of Ibogaine in Africa is a sound enough foundation for the safety and efficacy claims made by its proponents and users. That is true for other sacraments as well. The evidence of the therapeutic effects of Ibogaine for socio/medical improvements across few cultures is therefore well established by now supported with data obtained from thousands of addiction treatments worldwide.

Outlawing the sacramental use of foreign entheogens for adults by any society is an act of cultural ignorance and racial supremacy of the highest order. Historically speaking, all the might and “services” of Colonialist Christian or Moslem missionaries in western Africa were not sufficient to conquer the place at heart that Ibogaine gained among the Bwiti worshipers of a holy ‘tree of life’, a key to harmony with nature, one self, and the past.

Denying people legal access to entheogens can be explained, maybe, with the desire of governments to monopolize the consciousness of people so behavior of the masses can be predicted under conditions of control.

Monotheistic religions instincts to suppress competition and the strength of their opposition to non abstinence based faiths certainly influence the will of governments to allow sacred plants science. Ibogaine related research stands out in entheogens’ history because its efficacy, especially for the anti addiction indications, has been scientifically measured both in animals and humans.

Freeing the western mind from government/media controlled and dictated consciousness and from the side-effects of the toxic legal and illegal drug industries is the task at hand. Imported entheogens, or plant teachers, are viewed as threat by American formulated, UN conventions because they promote peace, communal and personal awakening and the preservation of nature. These traits directly conflict with economic forces benefiting from western government’s love affair with abstinence based monotheistic belief systems, endless industrial growth and the preservation of the prison/industrial complex.

Thank you,
Boaz Wachtel

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