Giovanni from Italy and Rocky from Mexico

The Ibogaine Detox

At 3 PM EST today two Ibogaine providers join Peter to discuss in detail the process of the Iboga/Ibogaine Detox.

In the first hour we will be in Italy to talk to Giovanni about the detox experience and how it is provided in Italy.

And then IBO-Radio will be inviting on the air a man who has already been interviewed on our show, as has his mother, daughter, and the mother of his daughter, that have all been deeply affected, changed, by this medicine and the powerful ally it seems to be for addicts wanting to get clean. Rocky talked more of his personal story in the last interview, now we will see him as Ibogaine provider passionate about building a family environment at the Dreamhouse to detox safely and comfortably.

Register today with IBO-Radio and chat live on our frontpage while the show is going on, ask real time questions to the host or guests, and continue to engage with our show and guests long after the show is over.

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