Prospective, IBO Radio Guests:

Please contact IBO Radio if you would like to appear on the show as a guest or want to see IBO Radio ask a specific person on as a guest.  IBO Radio will attempt to look at every angle of the Ibogaine Advocacy Movement.  So, with that in mind, our shows will focus the bulk of interviews on Iboga/Ibogaine providers, suppliers, activists, Bwitists, and investors working in failed drug policy reversal and, in the very least, Schedule II status in the USA for Ibogaine and other beneficial entheogens. This list is not to exclude other categories of guests that will appear on our internet radio broadcast as we progress, gain a regular audience, and grow in financial support.

General Contact:

For all other questions, comments, ideas for improvement, or just to introduce yourself and tell us how you like the show.


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Damon Matthew Smith, MFA

Creative Director, IBO Radio



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