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Giovanni learned how to give Kambo treatments with Cesar Carvalho, the first curandero who gave Kambo treatments in Europe. Kambo helped Giovanni to overcome a chronic disease in his intestine, heal Hepatitis C, and overcome his fatigue and a emotional wounds.  He did an intensive use of Kambo  and  thanks to the messages he received from the Spirit of this medicine, learned how this medicine works and can be applied to Westereners. In 2009, Giovanni started to give Kambo and Iboga sessions in Europe, using a combination of Kambo and Iboga to help people to good health, overcome ego issues, heal emotional wounds,  and manifest their talents. He developed himself in both Kambo and Iboga, and also developed a particular model for providing these medicines. He uses Kambo in combination with Auricolar Acupuncture and Iboga provided in staggered doses, what he calls the “Iboga Capsules Therapy.” He finds this model a very safe way to work with Iboga in order to help people to potentialities in their lives. 


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What are Kambo and Iboga? For which people are they helpful? In which case is it advisable to do a therapy with these two medicines? Are there any risks involved when taking them?

Kambo and Iboga are two of the most ancient medicines in the world. Kambo belongs to the tradition of the Indians of the Amazon, Iboga to the spiritual tradition of the Pygmeys of Gabon and Cameroon. Almost totally unknown since a few years ago to the western public, but it’s spreading all over with high speed throughout America, and recently also in Europe. Why?

Scientifical research has been done on both medicines. The results show that, next to many healing properties it’s more then healing a specific disease: It appears to create a total reset of DNA and of the electromagnetic field of the body, guided by the intention of the person and open someone up to a much more fulfilling life. It heals on a physical, mental and an emotional level.

Kambo is the secretion of a frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor), which has been used for millennia by many tribes in the Amazon (Matses, Katukina, etc) to fight what they call: ‘panema’, bad luck as to save people from epidemic diseases, malaria, yellow fever, or bites of snakes. It played an important role in the preparation of the hunters for their magic hunting sessions in the rainforest (see ‘Making magic’ of P. Gorman). Kambo is the most powerful enhancer of the immune system. The results are immediate: after a treatment a person has good humour, energy, stamina, enhanced senses, the ability to focus, an increased health condition and an empty mind free from useless thoughts. According to the research, performed by the nominated Nobel price, the Italian scientist Erspamer, Kambo is ‘a fantastic chemical cocktail with a high potential in medical applications’, in case of: tiredness, stress, burnout, depression, addictions, infections, allergies, organs- and sexual insufficienties, cancer etc. (see ‘Kambo: scientifical research and healing treatments, by G. Lattanzi). It doesn’t works as an external agent coming in the body: the peptides of this frog interact with 9 receptors in the brain, which are connected with essential functions of human body: adrenal cortex, pituitary gland, vascular circulation, gastric and pancreatic secretions, blood circulation in the brain etc.

While Kambo works mostly on a physical level, Iboga, next to a deep physical reset, gets to the root of any emotional block and opens up a person to a manifestation process where he or she experiences essence and their potential in daily life. Iboga can be called a zen medicine. It helps to get more grounded and much less emotional by increasing the energy of awareness and by recognizing mental-emotional patterns which mostly come from family and cultural patterns. According scientifical research, Iboga works on the limbic system of the brain, which is connected with what we learn to experience as a need, therefore it has to do with automatic thoughts and emotions which get power on our true, natural being (see: Iboga, the African Root of African Shamanism, by Ravalec & Mallendi, chapt. 14).

Ibogaine got very popular after an incidental discovery made in the 80’ by Lotsof, a young American man who was addicted to heroine. He was very surprised to see that after one session with Iboga his symptoms of withdrawal totally disappeared: for the first time he experienced life without fear. After his discovery Ibogaine became very popular in the USA and in Holland. In Europe there are not many competent providers and to my experience self-administration is definitely not the best way to profit from this medicine. It is used mostly by people who are interested in a spiritual loop in their lives and are looking for a deep emotional healing or by people who want to overcome addictions. For some reasons one Iboga night session has been compared to 10 years of psychotherapy.

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