Iwan Morgan

2/12/2012 Broadcast



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Iwan was born in Carmarthen in West Wales on Dec  8th 1977. He
lived in the Hills of Trecastle in Breconshire with his parents,
younger brother, and grandmother until his dad got a job with the Welsh
National Opera in Cardiff. He then moved to a housing estate on the
fringes of the Capital. He lived there until I was 10 yrs old, then
moved to a larger Victorian house close to the City Center. It was
while he lived here that his interest in creativity blossomed, and he
became engrossed in alternative ways of being, and discovered
visionary plants and other mind expanding substances.

After taking L.S.D age 14, he saw that he had an ability to “see” and communicate with inorganic lifeforms, spirits/entities would reveal themselves to him, often with painful expressions of anger or melancholy. He started
making drawings to the best of his ability in order to document these
visions. His experiences gave him great inspiration, and also directed
this energy into music.

After leaving high school in 1996 aged 18, he went travelling around India for 5 months with his girlfriend. This was to become a truly life changing experience – this is where and when he experimented with opium for the first time. He had a real taste of freedom, with no real restrictions. Iwan was blessed by the
Dalai Lama in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala. That was in 1997, and he didn’t want to return home since he felt a deep connection with the people and places he encountered

He became addicted to Heroin aged 21 after breaking up with his longterm girlfriend ( 4 years ). He lost himself in that world, and was seduced by it before becoming engulfed by the darkness. He struggled with the seemingly endless cycle of addiction, cold turkey, new relationship, end of relationship, etc. He worked as a barman and cloakroom attendant in a nightclub in order to support his growing habit. He started a Methadone program aged 28, which he conquered with the aid of iboga/ibogaine, the spirit of Bwiti, and with the help of Paul Featherstone and his partner Elle.


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