Tanea Paterson

3/11/2012 Broadcast



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Tanea Paterson is from Dunedin, Aotearoa/New Zealand, 35 years old with two sons Josef 12 and Salem 8.
Tanea was involved in an MVA which caused damage to her neck, back and shoulders. This was when her opiate use began with intra-venous morphine. She ended up on the methadone programme at 23. At most, she was on 120mgs per day among other medications for ailments such as depression, PTSD and sleeping issues.

In Feb 2003, she was told of Ibogaine and began researching it for her own use. In August of that year, Tanea underwent the journey and has been free of methadone since.

Post detox she has achieved a Certifcate in Health studies at Otago Polytechnic. She then began an Applied Addictions Practitioner paper through the Moana House Te Taketake training program. 

Tanea was provided my first Ibogaine Tx for methadone detox in July 2004 and has consequently been involved with others, primarily assisting in opiate detox.

Recently she has planned, provided and guided four prescription Tx here in N.Z. These have all gone well and she continues to have therapeutic contact with all of these people.

She has presented at numerous fora in Dunedin and around New Zealand, most recently being awarded ‘best contribution to clinical practice’ after presenting a poster at a conference called Cutting Edge on Ibogaine Detox for Opiate Cessation in NZ.

Her mission is to collaboratively work with as many addiction practitioners and ibogaine providers as she can to develop her Ibogaine therapy model. 

She is very excited at the prospect of collaboration and support in developing the safest and most respectful ways of assisting people cease there dependence and gain freedom.


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