Return of the IBO-Radio Podcast with IBO-Segments

Tonight returns with 30 minute interviews with a theme…IBO-Segments. Our interview tonight at 6 PM EST will be Jonathan Dickinson and the theme will be GITA past, present, and future. Please tune in here,  at or download our podcast at

Jonathan Dickinson is head of GITA, the Global Ibogaine Therapist Alliance.  From the GITA website the organization’s description reads, “The Global Ibogaine Therapist Alliance (GITA) is an international network of individuals, clinics, and organizations dedicated to the thoughtful use of the West-African shrub, Tabernanthe Iboga, and its derivatives for the treatment of addiction and enhanced psychological well being….GITA was founded in Sayulita, Mexico in March of 2009 at the First International Treatment Providers Conference.”

IBO-Providers (Part One) — Sara Glatt

Sara Glatt has been working with ibogaine over 12 years. She has helped, and even saved many peoples lives, by caring for them, and making ibogaine available.
Sara Glatt has become one of the best-known ibogaine treatment providers for the Western world.
She is presently incarcerated and awaiting trail, please sign this petition to stop Dutch prosecution of Sara.…

Iboga Foundation

“The Iboga Foundation is a Dutch non-profit initiative. Iboga Foundation increases public awareness and to promote the recognition of iboga, the mysterious and very beneficial African plant, as an empowering tool to sustainable improvement of the quality of life.”
Please go to www.IbogaFoundation.comfor more information on their mission, and how to support Sara Glatt, one of the first people actively working with this medicine, who is being harassed daily by authorities.  Donate to her legal defense fund so that she may continue her important work. hopes for a quick resolution to her legal troubles.

Dr. Chris Jenks

From the Scientific to the Spiritual

IBO-Radio returns this week with one interview at 4PM EST with Dr. Chris Jenks. Dr Jenks will be talking to Peter about his role as a scientist in developing Iboga extraction techniques, but also about how Iboga and Ibogaine, and other entheogenic experiences, inform and challenge him on his personal, spiritual path.

Please listen live here or download later from our Podcast, or at our internet radio server:

Watch a YouTube video here of a presentation by Chris Jenks on Ibogaine chemistry and extraction.